Welcome Everyone

We are delighted you have chosen to visit us.

The Cecilian Singers are a group of people who love to share music, with each other, but most importantly with YOU. We perform concerts twice each year, at Christmas and in the Spring.  We hope you will join us at these celebrations of music.

We welcome singers of all kinds and from everywhere.  If you love music and want to share it with appreciative audiences, you have found your new home!  For more details check out the Join Us‘ link at the top of the page.

Our Artistic Director – Terri-Lynn Mitchell

We are excited to welcome Terri-Lynn back as our Artistic Director for her first full year leading Cecilian Singers. This year we also welcome a new accompanist, Naomi Piggott-Suchan. Naomi brings significant experience and eduction to her new role with us. We also need to thank Diane Bestvater for her long service to the choir as our previous accompanist. Diane’s musical talents and cheerful presence was a consistent and critical part of our choir for many years.

For information about the date, time and requirements for registering with us this September please check out the Announcements page for more details.